Gagarin's Underpants

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Matthias Mösch & Oliver Plaschka (eds.)
Contemporary English Short Fiction

ISBN 978-3833467035

Gagarin/'s UnderpantsThis is probably a first - the first time a group of native speakers of German has published in book form a collection of their own stories written in English. The stories, although representing a patchwork of different topics and styles, have one thing in common: they were all written by students of the English Department of Heidelberg University, who are still, or have been, members of the Creative Writing course I hold.

Another reason they are a patchwork is the raison d’être of the course itself. There would appear to be two different approaches to Creative Writing classes; one in which students are taught to write and one where students learn to develop their own style of writing. Our course is of the latter type, where I, as coordinator, attempt to keep more in the background, encouraging, supporting, and providing sherry and tea.

— Peter Bews, Heidelberg University

With illustrations by Amanda Rehagen.


Marjolijn Storm - Vanity
Giuseppina Agostinetto-Lesle - John who’s Gone
Dale Adams - Arcadia
Thorsten Krings - Ever Let the Fancy Roam
Oliver Plaschka - The Range
Erik Hauser - Somewhere in the South
Matthias Mösch - Brennard’s Last Chase
Daniela Schneider - Raptor Birds
Matthias Reissmann - Isolated
Julia Lenders - Watching the Ships Leave
Viola Nordsieck - Friends
Hans-Peter Schöni - Broken Dreams
Christine Ritz - Sally
Dilek Batmaz - Restless
Carolina S. Scipioni - The Inheritance of Mario Salcedo
Ruth Kircher - Mediocrity
Alexander Flory - Sangria Sunset

"Ein Panorama heutiger junger Kreativität!"

— Franz Schneider, Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung (15/01/2007) > > > read complete review

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