For A Fistful of Stories

The Rainlights Gazette

Permanent Exhibitions

Hans-Peter Schöni & Daniela Schneider (eds.)

ISBN 978-3837087918

For a Fistful of StoriesA gravedigger with a spooky talent. A Mexican rancher taking on a ruthless cattle baron. A saloon regular with a quick temper and a busy trigger-finger. A young girl with a dangerous thirst for freedom. An Indian opium addict from a dying culture.

Spanning 24 stories, poems and vignettes, 'For a Fistful of Stories' reimagines the Wild West of 1869 from a modern perspective. Grab a whiskey and enjoy shootouts between friend and foe in a dusty, muddy town. Life in little Bewstown can at times be humorous, tragic, exciting — and survival often proves a true hardship.


Hans-Peter Schöni - The Luck of the Mexicans
Jakob Möritz - The Camp by the River
Monika Hartenauer & Janina Wackenreuter - At the Gates of Heaven
Oliver Plaschka - Dust & Mud
Elke Zenker - Peg Leg Jane
Nadja Rehberger - How Coyote Learned all the Songs
Celina Kacperski - Sleeping on Floors
Daniela Schneider - Assumpta Wades through Purgatory
Nele Pollatschek - New Jerusalem & My Wonderful Wife from the West
Nadja Seitz - Answers
Alexander Flory - The Man who Shot Tex Rider
Matthias Reissmann - For a Silver Watch
Carolina S. Scipioni - A Child for the Mayor
Katharina Wloczek - Guilty
Anna Kuropatkova - One-Night Stand
Giuseppina Agostinetto-Lesle - Memories of Dr. Isaacs
Bettina Burger - Wolf’s Freedom
Jürgen Romainczyk - Warpath
Ulrike Stölzel - A Drink with the Devil
Erik Hauser - The Pretender

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